The Problem

In the US alone, 22,000 women die every year from endometrial and ovarian cancer, simply because they are diagnosed too late to be saved. Endometrial cancer can strike at almost any time in a woman’s life.  If under the age of 39, a woman’s chances of being diagnosed from this cancer are 1 in 1,499.  If she is over 70, chances are 1 in 82.  Her lifetime chance is a staggering 1 in 40.  When the cancer is found early, before it begins to spread, five year survivability leaps from 23.6% to 95.5%

The Solution

Swift is developing an early activity screen for endometrial cancer to be given at the time of the annual physical exam or pap smear.  This screen will not only save lives, but also reduce costs to our health care system now made necessary because of late diagnosis.